Whole30 Reintroduction Day 7: Dairy

I made the decision the night before that I was going to do my dairy reintroduction on the scheduled day.  I had originally thought to postpone it due to yesterday being Mother's day but I decided I would rather suffer any effects on a day when I have the option to go home and chill... Continue Reading →

Results Day 2.0

Can I tell you a little secret? I really want dessert. A candy bar. A Krispy Kreme chocolate-covered Kreme-filled donut, a bowl of ice cream. Something. Anything, really. It has been such a stressful few weeks and although I've eaten nothing but Whole30 foods, I have not been eating as I should. Lots of grab... Continue Reading →

It’s Friday night and…

I am absolutely beat. It has been such a long, stressful, busy week. For the first time since starting Whole30 almost two months ago, I could sit down right now and take a nap. And by nap I mean sleep 12 hours straight. Today was my last regular day of classes and I have never,... Continue Reading →

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