Not-so-Invisible Scars and Loving Myself

I really wish I was watching television. Seriously, life is entirely too busy and too demanding right now. On top of classes, and kids schedules, and work, and wife-things, and mom-things, I have this blog I haven't touched in weeks. And I have three separate blog post ideas that have been rattling around in my... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t See That Coming…

I've noticed this amazing thing happening the last few weeks. Before I go into it, I need to be perfectly honest with you. I haven't been making the very best food choices lately. Last week, my first week of  'no Whole30 training wheels', a lot of ice cream was consumed. I really struggled with the... Continue Reading →

A Selfie Timeline

I'm feeling a bit whiny today and I don't like myself much when I'm in this mood because really, I mean, what do I really have to be whiny about? Not much in truth but here I am. Summer feels like it is going too quickly and I have no control over its direction. Since... Continue Reading →

Whole30 Reintroduction Day 7: Dairy

I made the decision the night before that I was going to do my dairy reintroduction on the scheduled day.  I had originally thought to postpone it due to yesterday being Mother's day but I decided I would rather suffer any effects on a day when I have the option to go home and chill... Continue Reading →

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