Down Syndrome and Gullibility

A couple of weeks ago, Seth spent some time with his Nana and had the opportunity to go 'work' with her. He helped clean, carry things, and talked to customers. The managers of the store thought he did such a fantastic job that they 'paid' him with a gift card usable at a local grocery... Continue Reading →

Exercise, ASL (Vlog), and Seth

It's beautiful where we live, in spite of the increasing pollen levels and the resulting misery they bring with them. So today I asked Seth if he'd like to go for a walk. I need the exercise since I've finally decided with both heart and head that the weight I swore I would never gain... Continue Reading →


My youngest son, not so young anymore at 12 going on 25, has Down syndrome. How do you tell your kid he has Down syndrome? I mean really? The mere fact that he has it makes understanding that he has it difficult. I guess it's not something I ever thought about until now. He has... Continue Reading →

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