Parisienne Sunday

There are a lot of photos crammed into this post. Seriously. You've been warned. I discovered that Sunday was Mother's Day in France. I was sitting at lunch when I received a text from the program lead wishing me a Happy Mother's day (in France). It was so sweet of him. Sunday was also our... Continue Reading →

Bonjour, Paris!

It's been such a long day (...days... honestly, I'm not sure anymore) since Shane dropped me at the airport. At some point in a dark cabin of an aeroplane, I lost six hours of my life. I stepped foot on the ground in Paris in the morning with my watch saying 1:15 am and my... Continue Reading →

France Bound

T-minus  4 hours before Shane picks me up to take me to the airport. I still feel a little detached from it all. And a little frazzled, thinking I have a ton left to do even though I really don't. Seth chose to go to school instead of going to the airport with us. I'm... Continue Reading →

Prepping for Paris

Today marks three days before I leave for Paris. As much as it gets mentioned, in life and in my posts here, it's just now starting to feel real. I'm going to miss my family like crazy. I'm going to spend two weeks exhausting myself trying to communicate not only in American Sign Language (ASL), a... Continue Reading →

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