I Didn’t See That Coming…

I've noticed this amazing thing happening the last few weeks. Before I go into it, I need to be perfectly honest with you. I haven't been making the very best food choices lately. Last week, my first week of  'no Whole30 training wheels', a lot of ice cream was consumed. I really struggled with the... Continue Reading →

One Down…

Today I donated my first pair of "These are too big" pants. Let's take a moment to process that, shall we. It might be hard to tell but I'm a little bit excited about this.  🙂 One of the two pair of pants I've been wearing regularly for the last six months or so has... Continue Reading →

Whole30: Two Weeks Later

It's been a little over two weeks since I completed my Whole30 and now that I've finished posting my journey, I thought getting the blog back to real-time would be a good idea. So how's it going? Read on and find out! (This post is slightly longer but I really didn't want to break it up... Continue Reading →

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