The Last Week in France

Owing to no downtime and lousy WiFi, I wasn't able to blog daily about my experiences in France for the second half of my trip.  I don't want to leave those stories untold, nor do I want to spend the next week reliving them all one at a time in blog posts. So I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Using Failure

Failure seldom, if ever, feels good. It's not fun. Some people fear it; some expect it to appear around every corner. Some even look down on it as a negative, a sign of personal weakness and disdain those who experience it. But failure is a natural part of life. We all fail at something, many... Continue Reading →

Dream Big in Little Bites

We had our weekly ASL group meeting today. It's so much fun! I must say, it has quickly become my absolute favorite thing I do each week. Not just because it's great people, great laughs, and it gets me out of the house but because I am actually using a language I've always wanted to... Continue Reading →

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