The Last Week in France

Owing to no downtime and lousy WiFi, I wasn't able to blog daily about my experiences in France for the second half of my trip.  I don't want to leave those stories untold, nor do I want to spend the next week reliving them all one at a time in blog posts. So I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Just Another Day in Paris

I slept great Wednesday night and woke up Thursday morning well before my alarm, feeling refreshed and full of energy. It seems I've officially made the turn towards being acclimated here. After this morning's LSF class and lunch at the University, we visited the Conciergerie. This is the jail where Marie-Antoinette was held until she was... Continue Reading →

Deaf Theatre and Sign Names

Wednesday morning I woke up not feeling so well and felt a bit icky and low all day. We had LSF class as usual, followed by lunch at the University.  And then after lunch we went to L'International Visual Theatre (IVT). IVT is a joint Deaf/non-Deaf theatre that has been around since the 1970's. It... Continue Reading →

Monday, Not So Fun Day

Monday brought with it a lot of sitting, sitting, sitting. It was an unwelcome change after days and days of activity. We began our day with another LSF (langue des signes française) lesson, this time by a native user of the language. She has little to no ASL/English skills or if she did she did an... Continue Reading →

Parisienne Sunday

There are a lot of photos crammed into this post. Seriously. You've been warned. I discovered that Sunday was Mother's Day in France. I was sitting at lunch when I received a text from the program lead wishing me a Happy Mother's day (in France). It was so sweet of him. Sunday was also our... Continue Reading →

Kings and Queens and Indian Food

 I woke up late Saturday morning after yet another night of difficult sleep. My alarm went off at 6:30, I shut it off and woke up again at 7:50. We were supposed to leave the hotel at 8. I headed into the day frazzled and without a shower. It was definitely not a good start to... Continue Reading →

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