A step towards Self Acceptance

I decided to call an audible on starting Whole30 yesterday. Now, don't freak out,  I'm not giving up on it but it occurred to me as I was looking over my calendar that I can't actually complete my 30 days. I'll be leaving for camp on Day 26 which causes two problems. First, I have... Continue Reading →

Back on Track with Whole30

I start my post-France Whole30 today. In all honesty, I've eaten worse since I got home then I ever did in France. In doing so, I've noticed two changes in the way my body normally reacts to unhealthy food. First, the gut issues aren't nearly as bad. Even when I did suffer through some of... Continue Reading →

Redesigning the blog; redefining myself

In the midst of transporting kids, chillin' at the waterpark, and cooking dinner yesterday, I spent a little time upgrading the blog. I now have a real domain name (ecclesiastes1nine.com), the ability to upload videos, and a spiffy new page layout. A new logo is in the works, as well, but that has been farmed... Continue Reading →

A Selfie Timeline

I'm feeling a bit whiny today and I don't like myself much when I'm in this mood because really, I mean, what do I really have to be whiny about? Not much in truth but here I am. Summer feels like it is going too quickly and I have no control over its direction. Since... Continue Reading →

Church Interpreting

I interpreted worship this morning at church. Every time I hear myself say that, even seeing it here in writing, my brain screams liar! liar! Don't call yourself an interpreter!! I'm not an interpreter. I'm not ready. I'm not trained. I'm not prepared. And yet, I interpreted at church this morning. I was introduced as... Continue Reading →

The Last Week in France

Owing to no downtime and lousy WiFi, I wasn't able to blog daily about my experiences in France for the second half of my trip.  I don't want to leave those stories untold, nor do I want to spend the next week reliving them all one at a time in blog posts. So I'm going to... Continue Reading →

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