Just a Rainy Thursday

It’s rainy and overcast around here today. I put on a bright pink top in hopes of feeling more cheerful than the dreary weather invites. I then drove to a neighboring town this morning to have a meeting over coffee about a research paper I’m starting this summer. I enjoyed the coffee shop, the coffee, and the discussion. Once again, I am made aware of my improved signing skills as a result of two-weeks of immersion. A month ago, half my meeting time would have been spent clarifying, asking for repetition, and writing notes back and forth between me and the Deaf professor I was meeting with. Effective communication made the meeting so much more enjoyable, for both of us I’m sure.

Afterwards, I stopped in for my annual summer pedicure. Yes, annual. I love a French pedicure but I absolutely loathe people touching my feet. I order the most minimal pedicure they offer and suffer through the agony of actually getting it. Now that it’s over, though, I love the way it looks.

I feel all summery!

Which somehow doesn’t make the doing of the necessary chores any more inviting. Just the opposite in fact. A woman with freshly pedicured toes should not have to tackle the pile up of daily housework caused by us all being home for the summer. She should be lounging at the pool while the kids wear themselves out doing something that doesn’t involve electronics.

But alas, such is not the way of life. Me and my pretty toes will be cleaning, making shopping lists, organizing cluttered workspaces, and generally doing other not-summery-fun things. And probably forcing children to abandon electronics to do not-summery-fun things, too. Oh the joy to come.

How’s your Thursday going?

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