Back on Track with Whole30

I start my post-France Whole30 today. In all honesty, I’ve eaten worse since I got home then I ever did in France. In doing so, I’ve noticed two changes in the way my body normally reacts to unhealthy food. First, the gut issues aren’t nearly as bad. Even when I did suffer through some of my food choices, it wasn’t on the same level that sent me to the gastroenterologist a few months ago. I noticed this in France, as well, and chalked it up to crappy American food processing practices. In fact, it may be that in eating right for the last two-months, my gut is healing.

Secondly, I haven’t gained an ounce since I got home…what is it? Eleven days ago. I haven’t lost any weight, so I’m not celebrating, but to eat what I have the last week and show no gain is truly something. Typically, my weight is super-reactive to my diet. It’s surprising to think that my body is healing so much just from avoiding certain foods.

One thing that has not changed – my joints hate when I don’t eat right. I came home from the trip with my knees aching and after almost two-weeks of progressively unhealthy choices, my elbows, hips, and shoulders have joined the protest full-on. I’d had the occasional ache-all-over while abroad but now…oy. My elbows cry out in protest just picking up a bag of groceries.


So, today is another Day one for me. It’s easier this time because so much of the Whole30 lifestyle has become our norm. I don’t have to go on a special shopping trip or have a heart-to-heart with the family. In fact, our dinners never really stopped being Whole30 so mostly it’s better eating-out choices and no more after dinner ice cream!

I’m looking forward to having my energy back. I haven’t quite recovered that since returning home. And I’m looking forward to the next level of weight loss. A month from now I have two “trips” I’ll be on. The first week, I’ll be a counselor at a summer camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids. Three days later, Shane and I head out on a “no-kids-allowed” anniversary trip to Disney World. (Yes, we love Disney World that much!)


I’m looking forward to tackling both of these weeks with an abundance of energy and no joint pain!

Here I go!


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