Redesigning the blog; redefining myself

under-constructionIn the midst of transporting kids, chillin’ at the waterpark, and cooking dinner yesterday, I spent a little time upgrading the blog. I now have a real domain name (, the ability to upload videos, and a spiffy new page layout. A new logo is in the works, as well, but that has been farmed out to a very talented friend. He will do a much more professional job than I ever could.

What does this mean for what you’ll see around here?  Mostly, I’ll get to post videos now. Otherwise, not too much different, really. I’ve tried doing the blog thing multiple times through the years with little consistency and less success as far as garnering followers.  So when I pulled this one back out to chronicle my Whole30 journey, I did it with the intention of it being a space I can share what’s in my head and life, for me. There’s always the idea that others might enjoy or relate to what I have to say and that’s wonderful but if the blog takes off, it’ll be because I am genuine not because I deliberately worked to be in the blogger limelight.

The main purpose of the upgrade is so that I can have the ability to post videos. American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language and I’d like to start doing posts in ASL now and then since so much of my time and energy involves sign language. I’d also like to show some videos of Seth….being Seth. Down syndrome is such a normal part of our lives that I forget it’s not the norm for most of the world. I’d like to start talking about DS more.

I’ve been mulling over these ideas for a while now, some of them having been on the back burner since I started this particular blog a few years ago, and I’ve decided it’s time this comfort zone be stretched out a bit.

In a chance conversation at the pharmacy last evening I said to someone, “I’m a blogger.” I didn’t really mean it but it was easier than explaining the truth to someone I’d never speak to again.  It was odd hearing myself say it and it occurred to me that I wasn’t really lying.

Someone commented a few days ago in relation to my Church Interpreting post that “you interpret; therefore you’re an interpreter.”  I don’t totally agree with the statement but at it’s core there is truth to it. I may not be a good interpreter, yet, or even remotely qualified but I am regularly scheduled to interpret, and by default, that makes me an interpreter. And yet, I had to take a good long look at that because I am not comfortable claiming to be an interpreter. It doesn’t sit right with me. I’m grateful for the comment, though, because it pushed me to sit down and think about why I hesitate to claim certain parts of my identity.

I tend towards denial, sometimes even false modesty, when claiming abilities. So many others are so much more talented than I am that I feel like a fraud when declaring myself to be something. I decided I needed to be more confident in defining who I am; more accepting of myself, more forgiving of my abilities.

Much like a med-student is not yet a doctor, I am not yet an interpreter; I am a student interpreter. I am scheduled to interpret regularly but I do it supervised. (I have no idea why it took me so long to realize this! I clearly need a vacation.)

In the same vein, I’ve always said, “I’m not a blogger, I just have a blog.” but I do blog and I do it regularly so by default, I am a blogger. Just because there are people out there more qualified, more skilled, more…whatever, doesn’t diminish what I am doing. It’s time I quit belittling my efforts and take ownership of who I am.

I am a student interpreter.

And I am a blogger.

And now I have a spiffy new .com to ply my words and thoughts.


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