Ramblings and Random Pictures

It is so good to be home.

Workspace view from the hotel in Paris.

I missed my family while I was gone but I wasn’t really homesick. Now that I’m home, however, it’s surprising how nice it is to be here. I was a little worried that coming home would be boring and a little annoying to suddenly have all of my adult responsibilities back. I really just wanted my family to come to France and all would have been perfect. But it’s actually been really nice being back in my own space with my personal tribe of people around me again.

Random view in Paris.


I slept so good last night. Shane says I literally passed out. I was talking to him and halfway through my sentence I was asleep.

I woke up when his alarm went off this morning and I had to take a moment to process what was happening. I saw him reaching for his phone to shut the alarm off and my first thought was “What language is that?”

It took a minute to realize he was just reaching for the phone and not signing!

Table for 30 please.

Sleeping in my own bed in my own room was pure bliss.

I have a lot of catching up to do with the blog and I’ll do that over the next day or two while it’s still fresh in my mind. On Saturday we moved from Paris to Lyon and two things consecutively worked to make blogging impossible. First, we had one single hour of free time the entire week, which I used 40 minutes of taking a much needed nap. Secondly, the WiFi (pronounced wee-fee in France) at the hotel in Lyon was akin to 90’s AOL dial-up.

I’ll have two-fingers of coffee, s’il vous plait. Pressed, not dripped.

Today will be spent taking it easy, catching up on things around here that I couldn’t manage while gone and waiting for my luggage to arrive. My adventuresome luggage decided to take the scenic route home. It was a little disappointing to not be able to give the kids their gifts last night.

C’est la vie.

Tigers Abroad.

The trip was amazing and the experiences will be with me forever but there’s no place like home.

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