Monday, Not So Fun Day

Monday brought with it a lot of sitting, sitting, sitting. It was an unwelcome change after days and days of activity. We began our day with another LSF (langue des signes française) lesson, this time by a native user of the language. She has little to no ASL/English skills or if she did she did an excellent job of setting them aside. In spite of that, I learned everything she taught. It may have helped that I understand basic French but I’m not sure how much help that really was. I think I would have learned as well even having never been exposed to French but I may be giving myself more credit than is due.

Seriously, though, I love learning language!

We covered a good bit in a short time.


After about an hour or so of the LSF only lesson, the group was split into two, with the more advanced students staying with the LSF instructor and the less advanced sitting under the bilingual (technically quadrilingual since he reads both English and French, as well) program head. From then on, I learned at a much slower pace.

I really wish I could have stayed with the more advanced group. I may have been clueless more often but I think I also would have learned so much more. Again, I may be giving myself more credit than is due.

20170529_165152After having lunch at the university where our class is held, we all went to Academie de la langue des signes française where we enjoyed a lecture/discussion on French education for the Deaf, the teaching of LSF, and the differences and similarities between American and French Deaf education.

I say enjoyed, but I don’t really mean it.

I struggled to understand most of the presentation. It was so insanely hot and after sitting all day long I was wiped out. I’m not sure if my lack of comprehension was due mostly to that or if it was also affected by the presenter’s mixture of ASL and LSF. Sometimes, I think it would be easier if the presenter would just stick with one language. It’s so hard for me to see the difference between the languages. In spoken languages, I can hear when foreign words or phrases are interjected but with signed languages I can’t see the difference. So I struggle to decipher if it’s an LSF sign being used or an ASL sign that I’m just not familiar with yet. On top of that, something I ate at lunch triggered a GI response, so I was pretty uncomfortable all afternoon. It’s so frustrating when I’m going to so much trouble to eat right and I still have issues. What’s worse is that I don’t know what caused it so I can’t avoid that food again.

From the little I did understand from the presentation, it looked like an interesting discussion, which made not understanding most of it that much more frustrating.

Once we were finished, the four of us that are from Clemson met for dinner to kind of have a debriefing of some of the events of the trip thus far. We were all pretty exhausted which means we did an awful lot of laughing about things that really weren’t that funny. It was a nice end to a long day.

I managed to get to bed around 10:00.

I am really, really enjoying learning LSF and being immersed in these languages but outside of that it was too hot and I was too tired to enjoy much of anything else most of the day. I also lost all cell signal during dinner due to a network update of some kind, which was frustrating.

It seems Monday comes all over the world.

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