Kings and Queens and Indian Food

 I woke up late Saturday morning after yet another night of difficult sleep. My alarm went off at 6:30, I shut it off and woke up again at 7:50.

We were supposed to leave the hotel at 8.

I headed into the day frazzled and without a shower. It was definitely not a good start to a long, hot day.

We boarded the train, which is different than the metro (although I think we metroed to the train) and headed to Château de Versailles.

As the story goes (and as best as I understood it being presented in a foreign sign language) one of the King Louis’s (Louis XIII, I think) thought the Louvre was just too small (seriously) and he decided to build a bigger, better palace outside the city. The kings then continued to live at Versailles until the French Revolution and the end of the monarchy in France.

The Château de Versailles was both overwhelmingly extravagant and beautiful.

My absolute favorite part, however, was the Chapel. Being in a tour group we were able to actually go inside and have the entire chapel to ourselves, meaning no crowds! It was so nice not to fight for a view of both the room and the guide.

Sign language is visual; therefore, it’s impossible to overhear signed conversation. Visual line of sight must be maintained and that is difficult to do in a crowd.

Especially when you’re only 5’2″ tall.

We then went to explore le Petit Trianon, which is Marie-Antoinette’s small estate next to the Château. It seems that she didn’t love her Louis as much as he loved her, so he built her, her own house (where she entertained many lovers).

Before arriving, we were told that Marie-Antoinette’s house was very simple, not extravagant like the palace.

Simple is a very relative term.

Compared to the palace, yes, it was much simpler but to call it simple is such an understatement!

Once we finished seeing the house, we wandered the grounds for a bit. The grounds included ponds, gazebos and old French farmhouses, which I loved. It looked so idyllic.

It was a long, hot day filled with beautiful and wondrous sights.

Once finished, I and another group member decided to stop and get dinner before going back to the hotel. Everyone else wanted to go shower first but I knew if I went back to the hotel, I wouldn’t want to leave again. So, we got off the train in the Cluncy area we had eaten at on a previous day (seriously, I don’t remember which day. They’re all running together) and ended up eating at an Indian restaurant. I’ve never had Indian food and have always wanted to try it.

It was excellent! The meats were super tender and flavorful. I tried an appetizer dish at the insistence of my companion, whom I discovered loves Indian food and eats it all the time. The dish was made from Yoghurt… I think. I don’t remember the name of it (T-something) but it was delicious. I’ll definitely be eating Indian foods again, minus the yoghurt, that I regretted pretty quickly being that it’s dairy.  I did not take pics of the dinner place because by then I was so beat, it never occurred to me to do so.

I managed to get back to the hotel and have a desperately needed shower and be in bed around 11 pm, which is the earliest I’ve managed so far. The weather here has been beautiful, but ridiculously hot and with no air conditioners in the rooms, cold showers have become the norm. I haven’t shut the windows to my room in days, since it’s the only hope I have of not sleeping in pools of my own sweat all night. They say it’s never this hot here. I guess we just got lucky.

La vie parisienne!

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