France Bound

20170523_081445T-minus  4 hours before Shane picks me up to take me to the airport.

I still feel a little detached from it all. And a little frazzled, thinking I have a ton left to do even though I really don’t.

Seth chose to go to school instead of going to the airport with us. I’m actually proud of him being so grown-up. I walked him out to the bus to let the driver know I would be gone for two weeks and wish them a happy summer since school will end while I’m away. Seth looked at me and said “You in France, Mom. Have fun.”  I realized at that moment that I was putting him on the bus like it’s a normal day and yet I wasn’t going to see him for two whole weeks.

I had to take a deep breath.

But I only hugged him a quick “I’m not a baby, Mom!” hug and said thank you and I would see him in two weeks and don’t get in trouble in school. My ‘forever baby’ isn’t a baby anymore.

I’m about to make my fourth trip to the store for things I forgot to buy (portable charger, hair ties – because my cat steals all mine and dumps them in her water dish).

It’s raining miserable outside.

I really, really dislike flying. It’s near to terrifies me. And it’s raining. Isn’t that wonderful?

20170522_201116Today is my last post from the states for awhile. My next post will be come from Paris! Until then, I leave you with this.

My sweet friend found me at church on Sunday and gave me this little brick-a-brack. I set it next to the ILY hand I made at camp last summer, right where I could see it. I keep looking at it and smiling. A few more hours and I’ll be on my way to study sign language in France. I never would have dreamed I’d one day be doing anything like this!


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