Whole30 Reintroduction Day 4: Non-Gluten Grains

Ever since my first ever bite of gluten-free bread I’ve not liked it. It’s chewy and leaves a funny aftertaste. It’s no substitute for real bread and more often than not, during my “I think my issues may be gluten-related” days, I just didn’t eat bread at all. In spite of this, for breakfast yesterday morning, I slathered some smashed avocado on a slice of toasted gluten-free bread and paired it with scrambled eggs and leftover brussel sprouts. My first bite of the bread tasted ‘burnt’ in a weird way although in truth it toasted up nice and golden and yet my initial reaction was “Wow, that is really good.”

It seems that going over two months without any form of bread has made even gluten-free bread taste good. I’d say the mound of creamy avocado on top of it helped a bit too. Looking back, I really wish I had taken a picture. Why avocado? Well, why not? It’s a fantastic condiment and truthfully, I’ve yet to enjoy Ghee outside of two recipes; the delicious cod recipe and my version of my friends brussel sprout recipe.

For lunch, I added bicolor sweet corn to my standard fare. I enjoyed the corn more than I did the bread. As of lunch, I hadn’t experienced any side effects.

Dinner was stir-fry beef over rice. I still haven’t restocked my coconut aminos so it wasn’t as flavorful as usual, but still good. The rice didn’t make it any better or worse.  The good news is that I experienced a total of ZERO noticeable effects from eating non-gluten grains. Therefore, I see no reason to totally exclude them from my normal diet. Having corn or rice or even the rare slice of gluten-free bread once or twice a week will make meal planning for my family that much easier.

The most rewarding part of this reintroduction thus far is that adding these previously off-limits foods back to my diet hasn’t triggered any bad-eating habits. Part of my choice to reintroduce was to overcome the fear of falling back into old food related behaviors. Yes, the primary reason was to assess the effects on my body, but to be honest, I was a bit nervous. I’ve come so far and historically my triggers for diving head-first into sugar or binge eating was paper-thin and front-and-center. The slightest, tiniest, most innocuous thing could cause me to lose control.

You can imagine how I was a bit worried. How could 60 days possibly do what a lifetime of effort couldn’t? To be half-way through reintroduction with zero triggering of old habits is beyond liberating. I have no desires to eat any of the foods I’ve reintroduced. Take ’em or leave ’em, either way I’m good.

I know I’m not done, yet though. The Reintroduction is designed to introduce things in order of potential effect; both on the body and on the mind. The next two things on the list have a much greater potential to derail me. I have faith that they won’t but know if they do, I now have the control over food it once had over me and I can immediately jump right back into a Whole30 (or Whole10 or Whole15). So, although I head into the next item on the list with a bit of trepidation, I do it without fear. Like so many other things I’ve done the last few months, including this blog, it is just part of the journey.

I’m due to introduce dairy on Day 7 which is the coming Sunday but since Sunday is typically a busy day for us and it also happens to be Mother’s day, I’m going to wait until Monday to reintroduce. I fully expect to have issues from dairy so the purpose of the reintroduction is to gauge how much of an issue one or two instances of consuming dairy will cause. Basically, if I’m in a position where I cannot refuse something offered or if I decide I absolutely MUST try a new cheese in Paris (I mean come-on. It’s cheese…in Paris!), then I’d like to do so fully knowledgeable of the consequences of my choice.

I’m thinking a bit of half and half in my coffee in the morning and a tomato, basil, balsamic, mozzarella salad for lunch (a long-time fav of mine). I’m not really sure about dinner yet. I may just have a glass of milk, although the thought of drinking milk seems so gross now.  We’ll see, I’ve got until Monday to decide.

For now, I’ve got a to-do list that hasn’t been touched in two days and isn’t getting any shorter.

Au Revoir, mes amis. Be thoughtful in your choices because every choice has a consequences. Choose good consequences.

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