Whole30 Reintroduction Day 1: Legumes

Do you know what happens to natural peanut butter when it sits, untouched, for an extended length of time? It turns into a brick with a layer of peanut oil on top. I know this because I attempted to have some of said natural peanut butter with my apple this morning. When I tried to mix it together, my heavy-duty fork handle started bending and I had to pull out the hardware to get it reconstituted.

The good news is that my hand mixer fit perfectly in the jar. In fact I’m probably going to wash this out and use it to make mayonnaise. 🙂

I love this mixer. I bought it recently,  since starting Whole30, and have used it dozens of times. It’s quick and easy and doesn’t take up tons of space on my counter. And obviously it works great reconstituting peanut butter!

I enjoyed peanut butter and apples as part of my breakfast but not so much that I’m wanting to do it again. About half-way through my serving, I really just wanted the apples without the peanut butter. Truth is, I guess I didn’t really miss peanut butter that much outside of the occasional mild craving.

No issues from the peanut butter which is doubly good. First because occasionally I find things that are compliant except for peanut oil. So now, I can give those things a try and see how it goes. Second, when I was cleaning the jar up afterwards, I realized that said peanut butter expired in October 2016. Oops.  I didn’t think it had been in the cupboard that long.

I had peas with lunch and shortly afterwards I noticed a lot of air on my gut that translated into bloating and burping. For dinner, I made a really good Whole30 chili recipe and added about 2 cups of navy beans that I’ve been soaking since yesterday.

So beans cause gas, this is a widely known fact (that has provided much fodder for pre-adolescent jokes). For me, I wanted to determine if it’s the normal, “I ate too much broccoli” gas or the bad “I need to make a GI appointment” gas. Mostly it just made the air in my gut worse. It’s like it sits there and doesn’t want to move and causes uncomfortable pressure. I was also really tired after lunch. By 4:00, I really wanted a nap and I was easily irritated all day. Like Irritation-level 9 all evening. When I made dinner, I also made a pan of cornbread muffins for Shane and they smelled soooo good. I was totally pouty pulling them out of the oven, lamenting over how unfair it was he could eat yummy cornbread and not suffer. For a moment I even considered saying to heck with it and eating one, but I didn’t of course.

Say hello to my shiny new willpower. It even works against pouty, irritable, pity-me cravings.

By the end of the day, I began experiencing that horrible “there’s an elephant sitting on my chest” feeling that the Dr’s dubbed “a panic attack” the one and only time I bothered going in about it. (In their defense, I may have been a bit panicky by the fact that I. Couldn’t. Breathe. but, hey, I’m not a Dr, so what do I know?) It’s a weird symptom. It’s like I’m breathing through cotton and have to actively engaged in taking a full breath. After some observations in the past I loosely associated it with eating too much but maybe… just maybe it wasn’t how much so much as it was WHAT I was eating. Definitely something to take a specific look at in the near future. I may need to do another day of legumes in the future to see if it persists. Typically a hit off the ol’ inhaler does me good but mine expired. I never bothered refilling it because I haven’t needed it since Whole30.

Unfortunately, as of this morning, the feeling has persisted and is actually a bit worse, and I woke up feeling blah. I can tell mild irritation lays just below the surface, too. For full disclosure, I’m a day or two away from something else that may be influencing the irritableness and such but since I’ve not had these symptoms in relation to that since starting this journey, I’m going to chalk it up to the legumes. When I try legumes again to test the breathing issue I’ll make sure to check my calendar before doing so to get a more accurate result.

Conclusion: Legumes aren’t horrible and when faced with a situation where I have to eat them or not eat, I’ll be ok eating them, unless they are the cause of the breathing-thing. But I didn’t really enjoy them that much. I kept thinking the apple would have tasted better without the peanut butter, the peas were just another vegetable, and the chili would have been better without the beans. So, it’s good to know their effects but in my everyday life, legumes will still be on the NO list.

As part of the Reintroduction I will eat straight Whole30 for the next two days to give my body a chance to get over any side effects before moving on to the next item. That means on Thursday, I’ll be introducing non-gluten grains, such as corn and rice.  Of all the things  I know I’ll be reintroducing over the next ten days, I am looking forward to a spoonfull of the organic bi-color sweet corn I have sitting in the freezer the most! 🙂

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