One Down…

Today I donated my first pair of “These are too big” pants.

Let’s take a moment to process that, shall we.


It might be hard to tell but I’m a little bit excited about this.  🙂 One of the two pair of pants I’ve been wearing regularly for the last six months or so has reached the point of being unwearable. If they were any bigger they’d be falling past my hips and I’d be dealing with a wardrobe malfunction! The second pair is noticeably looser and isn’t long in following pair #1 to the donation bag.

I also have dug several pair of smaller size pants out of the closet and now have several pair I can wear regularly. *happy dance*

I’ve reached a point where I am no longer in doubt at all as to my weight loss. I’m really looking forward to Sunday (May 7). Not so much for the weigh-in, which I am curious about, but because I will take another picture like my ‘Before’ picture and compare the two. I love how I feel and I am loving the changes in my body.

And I LOVE that I am losing weight ‘without effort’.  I say that in quotes because eating Whole30 compliant does take work and prior planning. I should probably say it takes discipline and willpower but I’ve never had either one of those when it comes to food.  The only explanation for my having either one now is divine favor.

When I say without effort, I mean I am not watching how much I eat, I’m not counting calories, I’m not popping pills with Lord knows what in them to ‘curb my appetite’, and I’m not exercising. I am living my normal life and eating Whole30 compliant foods.

I will say, exercise is a really good thing and I’m actually not very happy that I’m not doing it. But even when I finally start, (soon Jen, soon) it won’t be about losing weight. It will be about being strong, healthy, and about strengthening my back.

As for the rest of it, many people have success with those things. I never did. Not once. Any time I ever tried I ended up binge eating after a few weeks. I always felt guilty. Always felt like a failure, a slave, incapable, unsuccessful, I hated myself. And when I did manage to actually lose weight, I always gained it back. Always.

But now…

I’m not watching how much I eat or counting calories. I eat when I am hungry and I stop when I am full. No portion control that leaves me staring at an empty plate while my stomach still grumbles at me. Or eating under a certain calorie threshold and being hungry all day because WHAT I am eating isn’t what my body needs. Both of these things always, always ended up with me ‘caving in’ and stuffing my face with anything and everything for days once I did.

No more.

And best of all, no more pills. I passionately HATE any and all forms of ‘lose weight’ pills. (And obviously, I’m not afraid to say so.) Sure, some people manage to lose weight with them and keep it off once they stop but I would bet the farm that those people ALSO made lifestyle changes, habit changes, eating and exercise changes. And if you’re going to do THAT, then I’m sure the pills do help the weight come off a bit faster.

But most people DON’T. Most people pop their pills twice or three-times a day and keep eating whatever they want. They aren’t doing anything except maybe creating a NEW addiction – to the pills! And often they are also creating new unrealistic expectations, such as believing it is possible to eat whatever, whenever, and as much as you want, lose weight and still be HEALTHY.

And guess what, the minute they stop taking their magic pills, their chemically suppressed appetite flares  right back up and since they’ve not learned any new healthy behavior while taking the pills, they gain all the weight back. And usually more. It’s a recipe for failure and one I’ve experienced too many times.

I don’t care how ‘all natural’ or ‘healthy’ the pill may be, a pill alone isn’t changing the underlying behaviors that lead to weight gain in the first place. My experience-driven, non-expert, non-clinical advice….

Quit wasting your money popping pipe-dreams before every meal and spend that extra bit of your hard earned cash on healthier food. And by the way, the Whole30 program is free. It’s all out there on their website. Doesn’t cost a dime. I even borrowed the It’s Starts With Food book from my local library.

The only financial cost is the price of the food. For me, I found that the extra cash it takes each week to eat Whole30 is offset by the cash I’m NOT spending at the Dr’s for my gastroenterology appointments, physical therapy appointments, and dermatology appointments.

And for the months it doesn’t offset, I just think to myself, “If someone asked me if I would be willing to pay a sum of money every week to not have knee pain, back pain, gut pain, headaches, and eczema, I’d be like “Who do I make the check out to?””

And no, I do not work for nor am I compensated in any way by the people at Whole30 for saying all these nice things. I’m saying all of these nice things because I am living it daily and it has changed my life.

I am 42 years old and for the first time in my living memory, I am not controlled by food or obsessed with my weight.

You cannot imagine how unbelievable that is.



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