It’s Friday night and…

I am absolutely beat. It has been such a long, stressful, busy week. For the first time since starting Whole30 almost two months ago, I could sit down right now and take a nap. And by nap I mean sleep 12 hours straight.

Today was my last regular day of classes and I have never, ever been happier to see a semester end. From day one, everything related to this semester has been horrible. It’s like I’ve been pushing a boulder uphill for the last 15 weeks and the last two week were straight vertical. Three major papers, two exams, two classroom debates, 3 professor candidate interviews, and a presentation all in the last 14 days. I’ve had so much assigned reading this semester that I don’t even want to pick up a book for pleasure reading. *gasp* I know, right. And, Yes, it’s that bad.

20170428_190639Usually I’ve got half a dozen books checked out before finals week, just waiting from me to dive in once classes are over. Not this time. And seeing as how I’ve got a stack of scholarly articles on ASL linguistics sitting here next to my computer with a yellow sticky note on them that says, “Summer Reading”, I doubt I’ll be making much progress on my 2017 reading challenge any time soon.

I just keep reminding myself how much of a good thing this all is.

Now that classes are over, I am looking forward to having time to cook. I’ve been basically living on Whole30 ‘scraps’ for the last 2 weeks. We’ve all been so busy, dinners have been thrown together and meal prep has been non-existent. I feel like I’ve been living on eggs and raw snap beans for days and days….

I wish I could say that was an exaggeration. Yesterday morning I was running so late that for lunch I threw half an avocado and a handful of snap beans in a container and ran out the door. When Shane found out he told me I had to go grab real food. Problem is, compliant food on campus can be found in only one place – the cafeteria. It’s horrible. It’s just under $10 (all you can eat) and the food is s0000o boring and tasteless. I get a headache every time I eat there and I’m always hungry 2 hours later. No thank you. Instead, I decided to hit the little campus store and try and find something…anything. What I found was a sandwich shop in the store that sells lettuce wraps.

Yay! I was really excited. Ordered me an egg and avocado lettuce wrap with cucumbers, mushrooms, onions, spinach, and salt and pepper.  It wasn’t bad. Unfortunately, the mushrooms and onions were sauteed and the egg was scrambled and I have no idea what fat they used to cook either one.

I suffered all night. 😦

So, I’ve decided that I am going to do a proper Whole30 reintroduction. I don’t like that when something like the lettuce wrap happens, I don’t know what exactly caused it. Such as, was it vegetable oil or butter that they used to saute the vegetables?

Once finals week is over and I do my scheduled weight check on May 7th, I will start a reintroduction for everything. Except maybe sugar. I haven’t decided if I want to open that can of worms since I know sugar doesn’t agree with me. Either way, I’ll be sure to post about it.

As for tonight, Hubs asked me if I had any homework and I thought…well,  I have to read three articles and submit a list of questions by Monday morning. I have my interpreting interview on Monday that I absolutely MUST prep for and I have 2 papers due and 2 finals next week.

So, obviously I said, “Nope, why?”  😀

I don’t care what is coming up in the next few days, tonight will be all about de-stressing. Me, in comfy pj’s and warm, fuzzy socks, chillin’ on the couch with Shane, watching a movie and not thinking about interviews, articles, or exams, or anything else that is stressful.

I just hope I don’t fall asleep during the movie!


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