Thank you’s and Peaches

I never dreamed anyone would care about my Whole30 journey. I’m not even really sure why I chose to share it. I think in part I knew sharing is part of the process and since I have this oft neglected blog siting here it seemed a good means of doing so. Another part may be that I was already journaling and I hate writing things I know no one is going to read.

…yeah. That may be just a bit narcissistic of me.

So, imagine my surprise when friends and strangers and people I never dreamed would see my blog started telling me that they’ve loved following my journey, and they’ve been rooting me on through my daily posts, and that  I inspired them.

Talk about a humbling experience.

So, I’m going to take just a moment right here and offer up a great big


to everyone that liked, texted, messaged, or had in person conversations. You encourage me! It’s uplifting to know there are people out there taking time out of their daily busy to keep up with this. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. You know who you are. 🙂

I also want to say thank you to the few of you who sent me recipes to try. As I type, I’m enjoying an excellent brussel sprout recipe given to me by a friend. If you recall, I complained about brussel sprout a few times. And it was crazy-easy to cook, which is a huge A+ in my book!

Saturday’s around here have become grocery shopping day since it’s typically the only day Shane and I are home at the same time. When I walked into Whole Foods this afternoon they had all their seasonal fruit out. I’ve never been so happy to see seasonal fruit. I’ve never cared that much about it before. I do now!  I bought a couple fresh, organic, ripe peaches and y’all! It was SO. GOOD. Lawd!

And just like that, Summer is here.



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