Whole30: Results Day

Well, I did it.

Shane told me last night he was proud of me for seeing it through. 😀

I told him I was proud of me, too.

Whole30 Non-Scale Victories_Page_1Whole30 Non-Scale Victories_Page_2

I finished my Non-Scale Victories checklist first thing this morning. (Not the best print-job. Click the link above for a PDF version of the checklist available on the Whole30 site.) I recorded a lot of non-scale victories! A few of the things I marked as yes, but put continuation dots (….) afterwards because honestly, it’s a little too soon to tell. Such as “No longer use food for comfort”. I haven’t for the last 30 days, but the true test of things like that is when I’m not on Whole30.

I weighed myself. I tried to not make it a big deal. The number on the scale was still a good bit higher than I was hoping to see. It was disappointing but truthfully, I knew it would be. I could tell that I hadn’t lost some miraculous amount of weight. I didn’t let myself stay disappointed for long, though. This number is just one of many indicators of what my program did for me.

The non-scale victories says so much more than that scale number.

The good news is that I lost 8.3 pounds in one month without actually doing ANY of the typical ‘lose-weight’ things. No exercise, no going hungry, no counting calories.

No ‘magic weight-loss pill’ that makes the pounds fall off only to come right back the minute you quit taking them because your eating habits never actually changed, and if they did it was because of the drug and not a change in behavior, so the minute you quit taking the drug you’re right back where you were….

Ahem.. sorry ’bout that. Didn’t mean to rant. 

I hate.  HATE. HATE. HATE. diet pills. And, yes, I’ve tried my share of them over the years…

Regardless of what the number on the scale still says, 8.3 pounds in 30 days is fantastic. If I had been doing all of the above things and weighing each week with a 1 pound a week goal, it would have taken twice as long to lose the same amount of weight.

And I probably would have been starving and miserable the whole time. I definitely did not miss counting calories!

And it certainly took longer than a month for me to gain those 8.3 pounds. As part of the overall success of my Whole30, I’m happy with 8.3.

I also lost a total of 5.25 inches, 3 of which were in my waist. I lost 3 inches across my waist in one month just because the food I eat now doesn’t give me all the GI problems the food I used to did. I lost 3 inches of GI issues in a month. I am absolutely happy with that!

So now what?

First, this morning I started posting my journal here to the blog. I’m not going to lie. When WordPress posted my ‘Before’ picture to my personal Facebook page, I thought my heart would stop. I didn’t notice it until almost an hour later and people had already commented on it. I was in a mild state of panic for a minute. Thinking, “OH MY GOSH, everyone has seen that horrible, horrible picture. Everyone knows what I really look like. This is so bad.” But then I breathed and thought, “Well, it’s the truth. I can’t be transparent and honest with myself if I’m not willing to be honest with everyone.” So, I took several deep breathes and left the picture. 

Next, I’m supposed to be doing my reintroduction. But I’m not going to.

Honestly, the only things I was going to reintroduce were corn and seed oils. Corn because my family likes corn and it seems harmless enough as far as ‘unhealthy’ foods go. Eating it would eliminate one of the foods that I have to make a separate dish for when feeding us all. And seed oils, because as I’ve mentioned, it’ll make eating out easier.

But since not eating corn is really not a burden and eating out is so irregular, I don’t see the point.

So…Instead of moving into the reintroduction phase, I am going to continue ‘eating Whole30’. I can’t say it’s a continuation of my program, a Whole60, because I did weigh myself this morning and because I do intend to start using compliant ingredients to make things such as casseroles, etc.

After 30 more days, I will do another Non-Scale Victories checklist, a new ‘After picture’, and a new weigh-in just to keep up with my progress.

And I’m going to add exercise. Now that I’m easily acclimated to a Whole30 lifestyle, exercise will be my daily thing that I have to actively work towards making a habit of. I am going to focus on simple things to start with.

First, I’m going to make it my goal to hit my Fitbit goal of 10,000 steps everyday – eventually I want to start training for a race.

Second, I’m doing this very simple 30 day plank challenge. I will fit in some cardio and strength training, but I know with my schedule, hitting the gym isn’t easy to keep up with. This will at least start me on the road to strengthening my damaged back (as well as my weakened core) for more intensive exercise.


There it is then. My Whole30. Yes, it did change my life. I have never, ever felt better. I’ve never had so much energy, consistently. I’ve never lived in a world where food (or some other substance) didn’t control my thoughts and actions.

To say it’s freeing is hardly accurate. I seriously feel like I just started living my life.

I really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want my family to get on board with this but I know they have to come to it themselves. In the meantime, they are eating healthier just because, at least for dinner, our home-cooked meals are mostly Whole30 compliant. And Jace and Shane now have me brewing Kombucha for them weekly. 🙂

So, cheers to a successful Whole30! And cheers to continuing directly into a lifestyle characterized by Whole30 eating habits – with added exercise. I’m excited to see the next level of life-changing results.

10K anyone?                                                                                                                                                                      

Before Whole30
After Whole30

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