Whole30: A Daily Journey (Day 30)

Just joining me? Welcome! Check out what’s happened before, here: Whole30: The Beginning,     Day 1-3,     Day 4-7,     Day 8-10,     Day 11-12,   Day 13-16,   Day 17-18,  Day 19,   Day 20-21, Day 22, Day 23-24, Day 25-26, Day 27-29,

Day Thirty: Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day Thirty.  I had a dream last night that I accidently ate something with sugar in it on the last day of my Whole30. Ugh.

Feeling teensy bit blah this morning. Could be the weather. Could be this nagging allergy induced sinus drainage. Could be that I always tend to be bummed a little when things end.  I can’t imagine why I should be bummed about this being last day of Whole30. I did it! I didn’t quit. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t compromise!! I should be congratulating myself and throwing a party.

What I really want to do is go back to bed and pretend I don’t have a ton of things to do today.

I’m weird.

Today will be a good day. Nothing tedious planned. I have an event to go to at a pizza place for dinner.  I haven’t looked at the menu yet, but I have a feeling I’ll be eating a pre-packed dinner in the car before going. 😛

Tomorrow is weigh-in and ‘after pics’ and the day I make this blog public. I’m a bit nervous about that. Partly because when blogging I usually try to make things interesting and with this I’ve not. And secondly, because this journey still feels very personal and I’m not accustomed to putting personal things ‘out there’.

But I will because sharing this is part of the journey.

Why did I wait until it was over to share?

Because I needed to do this and too often, even those closest to us, have opinions both unhelpful and unsolicited. I needed to get through this with no negativity. And for those close to me who would have been nothing but encouraging, I needed to get through this without the pressure of feeling like I had to live up to expectations. I didn’t want the pressure, in case I was having a really rough few days, of having to answer the question, “How’s it going?”.

I also didn’t want the pressure of having to justify my choice to do this when I was still in the beginnings of the process. So, although Whole30 encourages participants to share their journey, I needed to get through the most vulnerable part with just the support of my family, and especially my wonderful, loving husband.

Now that I can say, “Doing Whole30 improved my [FILL IN THE BLANK]. I highly recommend it.”, I feel less insecure about putting myself out there for questioning and criticism.

So, there it is.

As for today being my last day, I’ve decided it will be. I had no unhealthy cravings yesterday and have no desire for unhealthy foods today. If the urge hits me, I have the ingredients for my Whole30 pudding. If that doesn’t help, I may do a Whole15 in the near future. As for now, the plan is to officially finish my Whole30 while still actually eating Whole30, 95% of the time. My reintroduction will consist of corn and seed oils. Otherwise the only change I anticipate will be the addition of Whole30 equivalents of traditionally ‘unhealthy’ foods. This I anticipate taking place the next time I get really bored with eating meat and veggies.

For now, I make it through today. Tomorrow morning is my much anticipated ‘Results Day’.


** On a side note, You’d be amazed how sweet a grapefruit tastes after a month with no sugar!

Results Day!


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