Whole30: A Daily Journey (Day 27-29)

Just joining me? Welcome! Check out what’s happened before, here: Whole30: The Beginning,     Day 1-3,     Day 4-7,     Day 8-10,     Day 11-12,   Day 13-16,   Day 17-18,  Day 19,   Day 20-21, Day 22, Day 23-24, Day 25-26

Day Twenty-seven: Monday, April 3, 2017

Slept good last night. Even less hip pain than the night before. No meds. Two days of hitting my step goal (10,000 steps) is a good thing. I work today, so I’m hoping for another good night.

Back at life this week. Classes, work, etc. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the ‘daily grind’ of it, but it’s good that I won’t be sitting around the house any more.

Throat and sinus drainage better. Still sound a little rough-voiced but I’m no longer losing my voice.

Simple breakfast this morning. Hard-boiled eggs, tomato, and avocado. And my coffee of course. I don’t think I’ll ever like coconut milk in my coffee as much as I do half and half, but I’m used to it now.

Almost forgot to pack my lunch! Whipped something up crazy fast before walking out the door. I’m so glad I boiled extra eggs this morning.

Hungry a lot today. Craving. I keep thinking about ice cream and cheese. It’s odd though. I want it, but it’s the same kind of way I want to suddenly inherit a couple million dollars. It would be fantastic to have it, but I know it’s not going to happen. So although a milkshake sounds really good, I’m unable to see myself actually getting one. Well, that doesn’t even come close to explaining it. Let’s try this. I want a milkshake. A milkshake would taste delicious and it would be so cold and creamy and yummy, but I don’t actually want to eat a milkshake (or drink, whatever). It’s not that I want it but know having one would be bad. I just don’t want one. But, oh would it taste so good.

That’s about a clear as mud now isn’t it.

I guess I’m just psychologically craving comfort food because I’m still kind of blah from the allergies and a bit tired. And a lot bored. But I’m not physiologically hungry. It’s the only way I can think to explain how I want and don’t want something at the same time.

All the same, if the cravings are still around come Friday, I’ll make another batch of the Whole30 compliant pudding.  I still have dates left over from when I made it on Day 16.

As soon as Shane gets home I’ll get dinner on. Cooking steak and let’s see….veggies sounds good. *she says with sarcasm*.  I definitely need to look up some veggie recipes.

Back to the cravings.  I blame Chipotle. Eating out at a place that actually tasted like eating out has ruined my groove. Now I’m ‘hungry’ for something different than what I’ve been making. It’s made me tired of meat and veggies.

I may be making things like pizza and pancakes with Whole30 ingredients sooner than I think. Just need to get through my 30 days first since those things are no-no until I finish.

Well, I don’t actually like pancakes or pizza (especially without the cheese) but you get the point.


Day Twenty-eight: Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I was bad this morning. I got up at 5:30 to get some extra reading done before class and drank 2 cups of coffee and forgot to eat breakfast. So I inhaled 2 boiled eggs and a banana as I was throwing my lunch together. I still haven’t mastered this whole breakfast thing.

I’m out of easy protein. Up until this week, we’ve had a good bit of leftovers for me to choose from, but we ate out all day Sunday and then yesterday there were no leftovers. I’ve got some ground pork and beef I think I’ll cook up tonight so that I have something in a pinch.

I was hungry last night closer to bedtime which hasn’t been happening. I’m not sure if maybe I’m not eating enough now that I’m more active again or if it’s that I’m craving food. I didn’t give in and eat before bed and didn’t wake up hungry so no answers there.

I was definitely hungry at lunch.  Had to make myself wait to eat.

Same for dinner. Came home and immediately started cooking. If this continues, I’ll definitely need to make adjustments for the extra activity.

Day Twenty-nine: Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I did good this morning. Got up and immediately put eggs on to boil. Had a nice chat with Jace over breakfast.

I was thinking last night, maybe I should add 15 days to my program. My preoccupation the last few days with unhealthy food concerns me. Maybe, psychologically speaking, I’m not ready to be ‘free’.

I haven’t decided yet. I’m doing much better today. Not craving. I don’t want to put off weighing-in. that’s been a big thing for me. But maybe the fact that it is a big thing is even more reason to postpone the end of my program. Maybe a Whole45 is a smarter choice.

I’ll need to decide. Tomorrow is day 30. I know Shane may not feel so hot about me adding days. And maybe I go ahead and finish my Whole30 and immediately start another Whole15. That way I can measure my resolve once I’ve been on the scale.

Or maybe I’m just trying to justify wanting to weigh-in.

So many options.

Most likely, unless I suddenly start really craving again today or tomorrow, I’ll finish my program and evaluate what needs to come next at that point. I want to evaluate where I am and what’s best for me but I need to be careful not to live in fear of after Whole30; of what life looks like without the restraints of the program to guide me.

Day 30


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