Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to all!

I’m taking a quick break from Whole30 posts for the day. I promise, they’ll be back tomorrow and will continue to the conclusion.

For my household, today will be spent not much differently than any other Sunday. Only two exceptions to the norm. First, we will dress a little fancier for church. I may actually even wear a dress – if I’ve managed to slim down enough to fit into the few I own. Secondly, I will cook a larger than normal dinner.

Lamb (I’ll probably combine a bunch of tricks from different recipes), Asparagus (roasted), and Mac n’ cheese (for the family) / steamed veggie mix (for me).

Other than these two things, we typically don’t do much special on Easter. Not that it’s not an incredibly important holy-day to us, but that we don’t celebrate it with a bunch of extra unessentials.

We rarely color eggs but I boiled two dozen eggs for the younger kids to decorate. They were kind of mixed as to if they really cared to do it or not. But I figured, since I’m boiling eggs every day anyway, why not?

But then I dropped the entire flat with two dozen hard boiled eggs and cracked every single one of them.  Luckily, they are still good for eating but not so much for decorating.

None of the kids cared.

I told them one day over the summer when we were bored we’d pull out the kits I bought  (Trolls and Star Wars – which is the only reason we were doing dyed eggs in the first place!) and color eggs just for the fun of it.

Unfortunately, after dinner will be spent working on writing papers for class that I’ve put off too long; unless I can talk Shane into watching a Disney movie with me in which case I’ll put the paper off just a little bit longer.   🙂

Happy Easter!


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