Whole30: A Daily Journey (Day 20-21)

Just joining me? Welcome! Check out what’s happened before, here: Whole30: The Beginning,     Day 1-3,     Day 4-7,     Day 8-10,     Day 11-12,   Day 13-16,   Day 17-18,  Day 19,    

Day Twenty: Monday, March 27, 2017

I switched coffee brands and for the first time since I started this process, I almost enjoy my morning coffee. It should be strange that so much of this process is about coffee, but I love coffee and coffee culture, so… not surprising. I’m now drinking Publix Greenwise breakfast blend. I’m liking Publix Greenwise a good bit for my family shopping.

I feel really good today.

Seth is sick again so no first day back at classes for me. It’s a bit frustrating that I missed the last day of classes before spring break and now the first day back afterwards. If I was playing hookey to extend my break it would be great, but to do it due to sickness that is out of my control, not so much. I’m taking him to the Dr. to be tested for the flu. It’s going around. Also means I’m not going to make it to my Ring Ceremony tonight. Really disappointed. I’m hoping I’ll be able to participate in the next one since I’m not graduating as early as I had planned.

Also, just found out today’s class is cancelled, so no missing class after all. Nice.

I guess none of this has to do with Whole30, I’m just feeling like sharing. There’s really nothing new Whole30 related except to say that even with all the frustration and disappointment of the last day or two, my emotions aren’t all over the place. That’s an improvement. Oh, and I’ve waited too long to eat breakfast again. I hate breakfast. I guess I need to quit drinking coffee until I’ve eaten. If I’m not putting something on my stomach, it’ll be harder to put eating off. *sigh*

So, today I wall take kiddo to the Dr., de-germ my house, and then probably go work this evening once Shane is home to take care of Seth since I can’t go when I’m scheduled. It’s a blessing that my job is so flexible.

All of this is definitely not how today was supposed to go.

Just got back from the Dr. Seth has the Flu.  We are both stuck home all week.



Day Twenty-one: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I’m in a better frame of mind today, thankfully. Gosh, is it really day 21??? Wow, three solid weeks. I can say, I’ve certainly gotten more comfortable with the program. The biggest thing I see is that I no longer crave food. And now, when I do eat, it’s not about choosing what I think will taste good, it’s about what I can eat to meet my nutritional requirements. It’s a very cool place to be. Oh, and at this point, I could care less if I reintroduce any foods at all.

I made another batch of the breakfast sausage this morning since we all enjoyed it so much. I’ve got a an easy chicken recipe I’m going to whip-up before I head to work. I definitely don’t enjoy doing this job 2nd shift but with kiddo sick, I have to do it once Hubs is home. Being an adult is so much fun.

I slept last night without pain in my hip for the first time in a week. I think sitting around so much on spring break is what’s got my hips and back acting up again and working in the evening yesterday helped stretch it out. Definitely need to get back to working out. Twenty-one days and I haven’t worked out once. Bad me.

I’m starting to get excited about my ‘After’ photo, getting on the scale, and measuring myself next week. I’m trying really hard NOT to get excited. I know how psychologically damaging a number on a scale can be to my motivation. I feel great, I feel like I’m starting to look great, my clothes are starting to fit better. It shouldn’t matter one bit how much weight that scales says I’ve lost but I’m sure 30 days is not enough time to undo a lifetime of conditioning. I will get on the scale because for me it’s part of the process of ending my 30 days. If I don’t, it’ll feel like I’ve left something unfinished and then I will have to have the scale battle every day until I finally cave in and weigh myself. Doing that is just setting myself up for failure.  I’m just trying to remind myself daily that it really, really, really (really, really) does not matter one bit what that scales says.



The chicken recipe was… o.k. Not bad but basically just tasted like chicken and lemon and I could have just poured lemon juice on it to have that effect. Oh well. We all ate it.

Day 22

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