Whole30: A Daily Journey (Day 17-18)

Just joining me? Welcome! Check out what’s happened before, here: Whole30: The Beginning,     Day 1-3,     Day 4-7,     Day 8-10,     Day 11-12,     Day 13-16

Day Seventeen: Friday, March 24, 2017

I feel pretty good today. I feel slimmer. Strange but true. I’m sure it’s all mental but I’m good with it. 🙂

Tonight, Hubs and I are going out with friends. He is very much looking forward to eating out. He’s really been missing it. I haven’t missed it at all and as much as I’m excited to visit with our friends, I’m not looking forward to eating out. That is the one thing I look forward to reintroducing; the few things that will make it easier to eat out. Seed oils. The tiny bit of sugar that may be in a steak seasoning, etc. Those things that I know I will still get a small amount of even when ordering incredibly healthy at a restaurant.

But, tonight we are going to a steakhouse. I’m hoping I can get them to just salt and pepper my steak. I’m hoping they don’t oil the grill every time they cook. I’m hoping I can have more than just a salad as a side (I didn’t see steamed veggies on the menu) but if not, I already told Hubs that he wasn’t allowed to get mad if all I ordered was a salad. He still will. He will still feel guilty that we are eating at a steakhouse he suggested (my favorite steakhouse pre-Whole30) and I still can’t eat anything. He’ll feel worse about it all than I will.

I chose this place without giving myself a chance to go through and do research on menus of different places. That was a mistake.  But Shane has been so super-supportive (more so than I ever imagined) and he’s really looking forward to eating out, so I wanted to make the process as painless as possible. He’s always enjoyed eating out more than me. There are times I do enjoy not cooking and going someplace, especially when I’m craving certain things. It’s not that I never want to eat out. For him, though, if we could afford it, we’d eat out more often than not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I prefer cooking every night it’s just that even before Whole30, eating out all the time makes me feel like crap. And it’s expensive. I tell him all the time “I’m fooded-out” meaning I’ve had enough of being overwhelmed with food. I get to the point where I just don’t even want anything anymore. Nothing sounds good.

That’s been a change with Whole30. I’m not eating so much that I’m sick of food. Not to say vegetables aren’t getting crazy boring,  but I’m not overwhelming my body with food.  Even when the meal isn’t as yummy or satisfying, I’m still full and physically satisfied from it.  The psychological un-satisfaction with anything not absolutely delicious has almost completely disappeared. It’s nice. No, it’s fantastic. Even with the extra work eating like this entails, I don’t feel like I’m being controlled by food anymore. It’s an amazing feeling.

I keep reminding Hubs that once my 30 days are up, not much is going to change as far as how I’ll eat.  I’ll reintroduce those few things that I do miss and/or that I know will make like easier for us (seed oils) but otherwise, I have no desire to make a big change.

I do need to start making less compliant sides and such for the family. Most of their dinners this week have been totally compliant since I’m home on break. They are getting really bored with it and since their support is absolutely necessary to my success, I need to make some adjustments so it’s not so difficult on them.

Also, my reflux is flaring up again. I’ve taken meds for it twice this week. Not sure what’s causing it. I thought at first it was all the bending over I did at work but I didn’t bend over a lot yesterday and still had to take meds.  Last night when I drank a swig of kombucha before bed my stomach hurt for a good bit. Today, I waited too long to each breakfast and now my stomach is hurting again. Eating hasn’t helped. Not sure what’s up.

My stomach has hurt most of the day and I’m having a good bit of painful gas. 😦 I did not miss this.

So, I decided to try on a pair of pants to wear tonight that I haven’t worn for a bit because the waistband was so tight they were painful to wear. Today they fit. It’s not a huge difference, but it IS A DIFFERENCE! Whereas before I couldn’t stand to wear them, today I can wear them without issue. This is progress and it’s reassuring to see it.


Day Eighteen: Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dinner last night went really well. Something I ate for lunch, I’m thinking the raw cauliflower, gave me a lot of gas, so I was kind of worried that adding restaurant food would kill me. Thankfully, nope. I was able to get a grilled steak with only salt and pepper, a salad (brought my own dressing) and steamed asparagus that I salted and added a spritz of lemon to. It was a good, filling meal with no side effects.

I’m feeling pretty good today. I can definitely tell I’m losing weight even if it’s not melting off me. It is coming off. The biggest thing I had to come to understand is that just because my pants aren’t fitting that differently, I still am losing weight. I noticed today that my arms look slimmer. My tops are fitting looser. As always, I lose weight up top first, which is frustrating because the majority of my weight is carried on my hips and below. That said, the horrible flabbiness that usually hangs under my upper arm (bat wings) is shrinking. I can live with that 🙂

Today’s my last free-day before Spring break is over. Hubs has things to do all day so I’m actually a bit bored.

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