Whole30: A Daily Journey (Day 13-16)

Just joining me? Welcome! Feel free to check out what’s happened before, here: Whole30: The Beginning,    Day1-3,    Day 4-7,    Day 8-10,   Day 11-12

Day Thirteen: Monday, March 20, 2017

Dealt with some gas last night. I’m wondering if the pulled pork maybe didn’t still have something in it that I’m not allowed to have. Only ate the pork and my own potato salad. I’m eating the potato salad for breakfast this morning so it should be pretty easy to determine which one it was that triggered symptoms. Everyone complimented me on the potato salad. It was good. I sort of combined two online recipes to come up with a compliant version of a potato salad I would like. And I learned a valuable lesson. When the recipe for homemade mayo says you HAVE to use light tasting olive oil – THEY MEAN IT. It pains me to think of how much expensive organic olive oil I wasted learning that lesson. (Recipe 1, Recipe 2)

I’ve been feeling irritable the last few days. I’m sleeping better but it’s taking just a bit more to get up and get going in the morning. Today I’m tired and irritated because I don’t want to be up. The first week I wasn’t sleeping well but was full of tons of energy. I don’t know what’s changed. My back issue is also still causing me trouble.

I’m supposed to start working out today. My motivation for it is slowly building because when I first got up I had zero motivation.  Going to work a full 8 hours today instead of splitting it into 4 hour shifts. I expect I’ll be tired by the end of the day.


It didn’t take long to realize there was no way I was going to the gym after working all day. My feet are killing me. I wish I was more motivated for exercise, but in all truth – I’m not. One thing at a time, I guess.

Day fourteen: Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I did well yesterday. Feet hurt by the end of the day and I was tired but overall, better than I could have done a month ago working all day.

I’m not waking up as well as I was the first week. Waking up tired. Wanting coffee and not hungry. I have no idea what changed. I also don’t appear to be making much progress in body changes either, that I can tell. Clothes still fitting about the same.  I seem to be getting a bit gassy again. Had reflux yesterday. Took meds for it. Overall, I still feel better than pre-Whole30 but definitely not on the high anymore.

Today is the first real day of my spring break. Worked all day yesterday so it’s hard to count it. Plan on getting some things done around the house at a leisurely pace. Going to fit in some exercise today. I made a plan. Sticking to the exercise plan won’t be as easy as sticking to whole30, especially over spring break, but something is better than nothing. Was going to run today, but it’s supposed to rain all day. We’ll see.

I may actually spend time cooking breakfast this morning.

Day Fifteen: Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Halfway done. Seems like I’ve just started this and also like I’ve been doing it forever. Hubs is getting frustrated. He misses eating out and he’s sick of veggies. I need to pick up some different sides for him.

I kind of still want to weigh myself. Not going to but it’s an ongoing debate in my head.

No food issues today.  I didn’t stress things as much. Painted the kitchen. Decided I wanted a snack about 4, so  I had a banana instead of making myself wait until dinner. All in all, a decent day. Spring break is going too fast. It’s been a very nice break from school but there are so many projects around the house I really want to get started on. Oh well.

Oh, and I haven’t exercised yet. I really need to get started.


Day Sixteen: Thursday, March 23, 2017

I made a Whole30 compliant chocolate pudding today.  I decided that since I’ve done so well not giving in to cravings, not eating mindlessly, not deviating from the program in any way (well, except for my breakfast struggles) that since I made it to the halfway point I was going to make a treat. (I realized after the fact…as in two weeks after…. that in making this pudding, I was in fact violating the spirit of the program. But what’s done is done and I haven’t done anything like it since so obviously there were no negative side effects or setbacks.) Cocoa, bananas, avocados, and dates were the main ingredients and it was really good. It called for vanilla but all I had was processed imitation vanilla so I just left that out. What was cool was that it was really good and I didn’t have any guilt or any crash afterwards. No food hangover. It was awesome. And I was satisfied. I didn’t want to make more and binge on it.

I didn’t eat so well for dinner tonight, having the pudding instead of my veggies and I’m paying for it. I am hungry late into the evening but I drank a little kombucha to put something on my stomach and am dealing with it. Note to self: Eat dinner – add dessert to dinner, not as dinner. Duh.

I decided to buy more coconut milk to drink coffee still. I didn’t drink any yesterday and I was fine, but I LIKE coffee. I may not drink any more once I’m out of coffee itself but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll switch to hot tea in the morning. It’s easier on my teeth.

Today is the last weekday of my spring break. It’s been such a nice break even though I haven’t done anything fun or exciting. Just chilled at home, did some work around the house and watched some TV (a rarity). It’s been very relaxing.

I think I am finally starting to notice some weight come off. I had definitely noticed my belly being flatter and less bloated right away but was getting frustrated that otherwise I’ve not noticed much difference. But I think I am losing weight. It’s funny, feeling like I’m losing weight makes it easier to not get on the scale. I’m so weird.

Oh, and I still haven’t exercised yet. Bad me. I’m convincing myself it’ll be easier to establish a routine once I’m back to my normal weekly schedule.

Day 17-18

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