Whole30: A Daily Journey (Day 8-10)

Just joining me? Welcome! Feel free to check out what’s happened before, here: Whole30: The Beginning,    Day1-3,    Day 4-7,

Day Eight: Wednesday March 15, 2017

Ah coffee. Still not craving it nor am I loving the coconut milk. However, I’m no longer wishing it was half and half every morning. Now it’s a choice between 1) drink the coffee as is or 2) don’t drink coffee. For now I’m still drinking it. I’m doing good and I don’t want to upset things by adding caffeine withdrawals. I’ll deal with that next week when I don’t have class.

Second night in a row of difficultly getting to sleep. I’m ready for bed at the right time but I’m just not tired enough to fall asleep. Going to try some chamomile tea this evening and see if that helps.

Breakfast was yucky, but I ate it. Experimented with an egg dish and it just didn’t turn out well. Ate it anyway. This morning’s exciting news is that 1) I can suck my stomach in without pain. This has actually been possible the last few days. A week ago, sucking my stomach in at all was very painful. 2) And this is the truly exciting part – when I suck my stomach in, it’s COMPLETELY FLAT from hips to breasts. That’s amazing, wonderful, incredible! 3) The most important part – I don’t feel the constant need to suck my stomach in. I don’t feel like it’s protruding out in front of me all the time.

I’m excited to see what the end result is once the weight has come off.

Speaking of weight, I’ve postponed my gym re-start a few days. I should start tomorrow since I’m done with my first week of Whole30, however, the weather is crap and it’s the last day of classes before spring break. So I’m going to wait until the weekend/or Monday. I am working 8 hours a week now so I am getting some activity in (and that’s better than nothing. Right?)

Kind of tired all day. Not the same ‘beyond exhausted all the time’ tired I’m used to, thankfully. But not nearly as energetic as I have been the last few days. My muscles feel weak. My joints aren’t hurting as badly, but when going up stairs or at work, my muscles are getting tired easily.

Day Nine: Thursday March 16, 2017

Slept a little better last night. Still feeling tired (again, nowhere near the same level of tired as pre-Whole30). The weather sucks, it’s freezing outside. Good news is that the weather isn’t affecting my joints quite as much. My skin looks better but still typical time-of-year dryness. Less cracking in my hands, but still painful. Really not feeling the whole “sit down and enjoy food” this morning. Ate my eggs at my desk. Added a carrot just to get a veggie in. I’m not less motivated, just more ‘lenient’ due to being tired. I did pack a good lunch, though. (*pats self on the back*).

Today is the last day of classes before Spring break. Thank goodness!

Seth is sick. Everyone on the bus was sick. Praying I don’t get sick. Hate to come down with the crud both during my first Whole30 and more importantly, during a much anticipated, much needed spring break.

I am struggling this afternoon. I’m tired. I feel great and I absolutely do not want to go off Whole30, but I just don’t feel like putting in the effort tonight. I’m tired of making sure everything is compliant. I’m tired of all the extra work each and every meal takes. I want comfort food. I want ice cream. I want popcorn and chocolate with my husband. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it’s that plans changed around here. Seth came home sick with a cold so I missed my last three classes. Maybe I feel like I didn’t ‘complete’ my pre-spring break session. I feel a bit more hormonal than I have been. Irritable. Tired. I just don’t feel like doing this.


Lunch was excellent but I was quickly hungry again. Maybe it wasn’t enough. Maybe it was but because breakfast wasn’t enough I’m feeling the accumulated effects. Not sure. Ate half an avocado as a snack to hopefully get me through to dinner. I’m less hungry now, but no less blah.

Day Ten: Friday, March 17, 2017

Day ten. Wow. It went quickly, probably because I haven’t had any serious issues. Slept better last night. Back really hurting though. Struggling with breakfast. I just don’t feel like dealing with the whole ‘cook a healthy meal’ first thin in the morning. So I’m not. Which means that today by dinner time, I was tired, cranky, and hungry. I’m not wanting to quit Whole30 but I am getting really tired of how much work is involved in every single meal. I need to figure out how to prep ‘easy to grab’ meals that meet my nutritional requirements.

I can also tell that my body has changed. My belly is flatter and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight. Part of me would love to get on the scale and see. But I won’t. Not only do I want to do the program right, part of me really wants to get away from the whole “scale control” issue. I like that I feel good about the changes in my body without having it chained to a scale. I also don’t want to chance my motivation if the number isn’t what I want to see. I don’t want a scale number to undo all my progress.

Day 11-12

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