Whole30: A Daily Journey


On March 8, 2017, with the grudging consent of my GI doctor, I began the Whole30 program. He suggested I do Weight Watchers and play hit and miss with the FODMAP list of foods people with IBS should avoid. Personally, I found the Whole30 to be a better choice.

I’ve been familiar with Whole30 for quite some time. I had a friend invite me to do it a summer or two ago. At the time, the thought of restricting my diet to the degree required seemed impossible and totally undesirable. At the time, my symptoms were still fairly manageable. Fast forward to now and my symptoms haven’t been manageable for quite awhile. Over the last few months, as they became severe enough to dish out crazy amounts of moolah just to walk into a Dr’s office, I’ve also had several friends tell me to cut dairy out of my diet. Again, the thought of not eating dairy seemed impossible. Surely, it couldn’t be dairy. Sure, it could be gluten, or wheat, or ever sugar, but not dairy.

I ate dairy with just about every meal, no joke. My day started with half and half in my coffee and went from there. Cheese is literally one of my favorite foods. If asked to give up cheese or chocolate, I’d give up chocolate without question. (I know some will find the mere concept blasphemous).

I’d tell you I don’t know why I chose Whole30, without having yet read the book or done tons of research about the program, but I’d be lying. I do know. The Whole30 program came to mind in the way that God always puts things in my mind. One minute it’s not even on the radar and the next moment it’s there with a totally impossible certainty that this is something I must do. It came as I was seeking, praying, for a solution to my many physical and emotional symptoms. A plea for God to please help me.

I waited a week to start. Partly to give my husband a chance to prepare for it and partly because I had a GI appointment scheduled. The appointment was to go over my colonoscopy results and decide what to do next. I wanted to consult him before making a major diet change. Wise council, and all that. As mentioned above, he consented. The rest is history.

Or more accurately, the rest is what I’m about to share here.

The next few posts contain my daily journal entries as I go through the program. Some entries are small, some…not so much. I talk a little about GI things, such as gas and bloating and touch a few times on bathroom things but cross-my-heart-promise, I haven’t gone into great detail about any of that. Not only do you not care to read that, I had no desire to spend time chronicling it. As I go through the program, my posts get longer and less about the food and more about the effects of the program and how my thoughts and life are changing. Whole30 isn’t just about the food; the diet. It’s about so much more.

There is a level of transparency to my entries. However, they were written knowing full well I would publish them one day. Meaning, I’ve tried to limit the tangents I wander off into. As I post these journal entries, I will include links to any recipes that I found especially helpful or delicious.

So, here goes. What follows is the actual journal entries, bad grammar and all, that I wrote daily. I will say, having read a few of other people’s Whole30 blogs, I seemed to have had a pretty easy 30 days. But easier than others or not, it was still a life-changing experience and that is why I’m putting it out here for all to see. Everyone’s program is different. Here’s mine.

Day 1-3


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