Whole30: A Daily Journey (Day 1-3)

Whole30: The Beginning

Day One: Wednesday March 8, 2017

Woke up so tired. Normal. Life is chaos right now.

Coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon. Gritty and eh. Drinking it to avoid caffeine headache.

Lunch salad was eh.

Hungry before bed. Not sure if this was true hunger or missing snack foods and mindless yummy eating.

I hate how I look (and feel) in this photo. I was not a happy person. I felt tired and sick all the time.

I took my ‘before’ photo and made it the lock screen picture on my phone to remind myself why I’m doing this. It was Hubs idea and a good one.


Day Two: Thursday March 9, 2017

So tired right now. Need a break. Still managed to eat breakfast and pack lunch. Figured out this coconut milk thing, I think. Managed to not hate the coffee.

Lunch salad was slightly less eh. I only used the balsamic vinegar and not the apple cider for the dressing. Plan to go shopping today for containers to pack food in. I think the mason jar is the big issue with the salad. Everything is mush by the time I eat it. Stupid Pinterest.

Didn’t get home in time to cook dinner. So exhausted. Ate eggs. Not a healthy choice but at least it’s compliant. Cooked chicken to make chicken salad but never ate any of it. So exhausted I left it sitting in the pan on the stove. Shane put it away. Bless him.

Went to bed early. Stomach hurting a little. Probably due to change in diet. Exhaustion and stomach aside, I feel pretty decent.

Day Three: Friday March 10, 2017

Actually not dreading the coffee. Not quite looking forward to it the same as with my half and half but still looking forward to a cup of coffee. Still tired. Not craving food. Not wishing I hadn’t started this. Not noticing any withdrawals but I know all of that will probably happen. My stomach feels slightly less bloated and uncomfortable. I honestly think it’s not drinking the half and half in my coffee every morning. By dinner time I was hungry. I don’t think I ate enough throughout the day. After dinner I was ‘p-hungry‘ – meaning I had eaten enough by I wasn’t ‘psychologically-satisfied’. I wanted something sweet or tasty or yummy. Hubs had to go to the store so I suggested he get me some strawberries. ‘That will satisfy my sweet craving enough to survive the night’ was the thought. He suggested he get me a Kombucha. Good idea. I like GTS Kombucha more than my home brew.  By the time he went to the store I had thought it through.  I didn’t need the strawberries. I didn’t need to satisfy my p-hunger. So I said no strawberries but yes to the Kombucha. I drank that through the evening.

Day 4-7

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