A not so perfectly, perfect day

Today is Monday. Strike One. Monday’s by their very nature cannot be truly perfect. Even when I love that it’s Monday, there’s always a level of tiredness or some other Monday-ness that mars it’s potential.

This particular Monday, I was ten minutes late for my first class due to a traffic locking accident that involved half a dozen vehicles. Blessedly, it didn’t involve ambulances. It did turn my route to campus into a parking lot for a decent stretch.

My Monday-Wednesday American Revolution class was especially dull and life-draining. This class is always dull and life-draining but today seemed to be slightly worse and by the end of the first hour I could feel my will to live waning. Luckily, the girl next to me informed me we only had 60 days left until the end of the semester and the end of this dreadfully boring class. Clearly, I am not alone in my assessment.

Internet has been hit and miss all day. My attempt to catch a Professor during office hours didn’t pan out, Starbucks does not carry a single delicious looking thing that isn’t loaded with sugar, and my $9.90 salad was very unsatisfying.

One thing and one thing only made my not so perfect Monday, absolutely perfect.



This is where I spent my 2 hour morning break.

And this.

20160229_164706This is where I am at this very moment.

Today is the first truly beautiful day we have had in such a long time and I have spent as much of it as possible outside.

I don’t even care that it’s Monday.



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