The Gluten Test: 3rd of 4 updates

Good morning.

I have successfully completed three weeks without consuming gluten. Week three was not the honeymoon week two was but overall I still feel better. Something happened early in the week that set me back and I spent the majority of Monday and Tuesday feeling lousy. Knees hurt, headache, blah. Thinking it’s possible there was hidden gluten in my Sunday Lunch after church but I can’t be certain.

By Wednesday I was back on track and I am feeling better. I feel ‘lighter’ somehow (and no I’ve not lost weight).

This will be my last weekly update as I think the majority of the transition is over, if not all of it. I am content to go forever without gluten but I will at the scheduled time (3rd month in) reintroduce gluten and gauge the results. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to that. I’ll be sure to post how that goes.

Until then, I’ll admit to days where it’s a chore not eating bread. Especially when I’m hungry and all the quickly satisfying, yummiest snacks are all wheat based. I’m hoping all the ‘They’s’ are correct and I’ll get used to fruits and veggies and nuts being my satisfying go-to.

Until then, I’ll also be continuing my healthier eating and adding some weight loss efforts in to drop a few pounds and give my back some relief. I hadn’t planned on piggy-backing weight loss with the gluten-free but it just worked so well with the food substitutions. I’ve been walking less than normal due to busier schedule and freezing temperatures and I’ve been in pain because of it. I haven’t lost any weight with the gluten-free and hadn’t expected to but for the sake of my miserable back, I need to.

So now comes 5 weeks of gluten-free maintenance and weight-loss initiative. I hate trying to lose weight.

Putting it on is so much more fun.

I’ll not update again until I reintroduce gluten but I’ve enjoyed blogging again so I may see what else springs to mind in the interim. It may be time to keep the ‘ol Blog dusted off for awhile.





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