Gluten Test: Week One

So the first week of no gluten and I have survived. Actually, I’ve more than survived. I feel pretty darn good actually.

The week went as such:

Day one: I was hungry all day and I do not doubt for a moment that I ate my body weight in guacamole and chips for dinner.

Day two: I am noticing less belly bloat (one of the worst of my symptoms) which was anticipated. I’ve always, always had belly bloat and previous low-carb diets have already proven to me that laying off the bread (or sugar) greatly reduces it. It is nice to not be horribly uncomfortable after eating. I did OOPSIE and realized a third of a way through dinner that my burrito was made in a FLOUR tortilla, not corn. Note to self: Enchiladas use corn tortillas, not burritos. So, I removed the tortilla and made do with the rest.

Day three: I feel more awake today. Still underlying tiredness but less fogginess and I don’t seem to have to think quite so hard to get from problem A to solution B. A bit of mild flu-like withdrawal symptoms prior to lunch but a eating resolved that.

Day four: I am noticing that my knees don’t hurt as badly or as often. To think this is possible after only four days, seems ridiculous so I’m holding judgement until the weekend is over. The weekends are already the worst for my knees because I sit a lot more.

Day five: Ugh… I need coffee. Groggy. Icky feeling… Someone please set me up on a coffee I.V. and let me sleep for a month. Admittedly this may have very little to do with the elimination diet as life in general has continued on like clockwork and it is wholly possible I would have felt like this today regardless of what diet choices I made.

Day 6:  I feel fine (as it pertains to the diet). Definitely less bloating. Still noticing less pain in my knees and I’m not craving breads and carbs like I anticipated. I’ve had little to no withdrawal symptoms. It’s surprising, actually.

Day 7: So here it is. One full week with no gluten (and as a result, less carbs and sugar) and I’m feeling pretty good. Less groggy, less foggy-brained, less tired-for-no-reason. Also less exhaustion directly after I eat, less bloating and abdominal pain, and the most surprising of all is noticeably less pain in my knees.

It’s amazing to me that knee pain, chronic, daily knee pain can be reduced so quickly by a diet change. I am also surprised at how easily I’ve managed to stay away from gluten-rich foods. It’s been a conscious choice but not one that has been difficult to make. I have high hopes for the continuation of this.

I know I haven’t given a great deal of information in this so if there is something you’re just dying to know, ask away in the comments below and I’ll do my best to give you a helpful answer.

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