Exercise, ASL (Vlog), and Seth

It’s beautiful where we live, in spite of the increasing pollen levels and the resulting misery they bring with them. So today I asked Seth if he’d like to go for a walk. I need the exercise since I’ve finally decided with both heart and head that the weight I swore I would never gain back needs to go away. Again.

He agrees willingly. He enjoys walking.

In moderation.

We have a small lake where we live that has trail around it that we walk.


As we head out Seth says, Mom, use your phone to tell us how many miles we walk.

Sure, why not. Runtastic sits on my phone using space, I might as well make it worth it.

So, Runtastic started, we head off on the trail.

Seth says, Mom, I want to walk 5 miles today.
Um, what???
Seth, honey, 5 miles is a LOT of walking  we’d have to go around the lake 15 times.

Ok, he pipes, we’ll do that.

Ha! Ok. (No way, no how, not gonna happen that this kid is going to walk 5 miles but if by some chance today is going to be a surreal, parallel-universe kind of day….I guess I’m walking 5 miles.)


Half a lap. Half a lap is all he got before….

Mom, we can do 1 mile today.

Me, chuckling, Why not 5 miles?

5 miles is a LOT of walking, Mommy! We’ll do 1 mile.

🙂 This kid.

We did 1 mile.

Footnote 1: 1 mile without complaint is awesome for my low-muscle-tone boy. He can actually do 2 miles most days. We started out struggling through 1/2 a mile.

Footnote 2: Below is a video of me practicing, telling the guts of the above store in ASL. I’m sorry I’ve butchered the language. For all my Deaf friends – See! I am practicing!!!

(This also means I now have a YouTube Channel. Girl’s comin’ up in the world! LOL. Well, really it means Girl’s got yet another social media venue to neglect.)

Footnote 3: Yes, I did just come in from walking and took the video. Yes, I’m a bit sweaty and unpresentable. It’s ok. I exercised today and I. am. good. with. that!


Happy Weekend, Y’all

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