Oopsie: Mis-Adventures in Parenting

We all know, and if we don’t it’s not hard to imagine even with the least possible amount of common sense, that having a child with Special Needs is an interesting experience. For some of us, most days are fairly normal and what most people don’t consider normal, after 12 years of having my kiddo with Down syndrome have become normal for us.

Sethman WILL ask me if I’m OK on average twice an hour. That’s normal.

He WILL immediately go find a way to dress up the very moment an action/superhero movie or TV show or Commercial pops on the TV.  That’s normal.

He WILL gleefully sing, “Jace is going to college, Jace is going to college” in the ‘nah-nah, nuh-nah-na’ rhythm whenever we are talking about it.  That’s normal.

He WILL be as excited every time he doesn’t have to go to school as he is every day he does. Both are the best news he could have gotten that morning. That’s normal.

Every now and then, though, something happens that I’m unprepared for. And that’s not an easy thing to do because I’m usually expecting something unusual to happen at any given moment when it comes to Sethman. Ya never know what this kid is going to come up with.

He recently put my picture as the avatar in his tablet and said ” Look Mommy. Beautiful.”

Today I want to tell a story of a recent unusual experience. It’s a great day to tell the tale because not only is today the day involved in the story but today is the day I decide to join a Down syndrome Blog Community. So after your done chuckling with me through our recent mis-adventure, Click on the Button on the right of this post and hop on over and check out some other great blogs written by families whose lives have become ‘the new normal’ surrounding Down syndrome.

As for our story, Seth and I almost crashed a birthday party today!

Going through pants one day pulling out the usual half dozen or so pieces of paper Seth folds up and stuffs in every and all of his pockets, I come across a birthday invitation for a party that is due to happen in 3 days. Several thoughts immediately run through my mind.

First, why in the world would the teachers allow him to fold this up and put it in his pocket? This should have been sent home in his daily folder.

Second, Yay!! A birthday party! Seth has, to my memory, been invited to only 2 birthday parties in his 12 years. One for a classmate when he was very young, maybe 3 yrs old and 1 for a classmate last year. I may be wrong. There may have been invitations from outside school that we weren’t’ able to go to but at present, neither I nor my husband can remember any. So to be invited to a birthday party was pretty exciting. I enjoy when he can experience these regular growing up activities.

And third, OH NO! That’s the same Saturday we already have plans to go to Charleston and visit his step-sister.

So, I RSVP with our regrets and even though I’m disappointed, I am still glad he was invited.

And then a few days later, I get a call from the Mom of the birthday boy saying that it was a last minute party and no one was able to come so she was rescheduling it for Saturday the 21st. Yay!, yes we are delighted to come and onto the calendar the date went.

Later, she calls to tell me the party venue has changed and in the course of her texting me the new address we have a short conversation that includes her knowing my last name and Seth’s last name that I find just slightly odd but since it was a Wednesday and I was trying to teach my super-active class of kindergarten girls I didn’t pursue it.

But the oddness stuck with me and I started wondering what was going on. Something seemed off. Mommy ‘spidey-sense’ was tingling and I couldn’t understand why.

The next day I request a list of names from Seth’s class for him to bring in Valentine’s for his party. Although in middle school, he is still in a mostly self-enclosed classroom and they still enjoy some of the same things they did in elementary school, like a Valentine’s day party. Can you guess where I’m going with this?

If not, let me clear it up. The boy who was to celebrate turning 13 on Saturday the 21st… his name was not on the list of Seth’s classmates.

But Seth swears he knows him.

But Seth knows everybody. That’s Normal, too.

So I text the mom to figure things out, thinking maybe one of the other Special Education classroom students had invited kids from more than just his class.

Blog Text Screenshot 5Blog Text Screenshot 4Blog Text Screenshot 3Blog Text Screenshot 2Blog Text Screenshot 1

Blog Text Screenshot 6


Several things still linger in my mind after this incident.

Oh My Goodness. If we had showed up at that party! I would have been so embarrassed and felt bad that we had crashed this kids birthday and Seth would have just been Seth thinking every single person there was his best-est friend.

I have to laugh. It is hysterical!  What kid would pick up a piece of paper off the floor and have so much happen because of it. Seth could. Seth most definitely could.

I have certainly learned my lesson. I will make sure I really know what is going on from the beginning. Middle School HAS been an interesting experience!

And finally, I really do hope I get to meet this mom. I’ve met some pretty interesting people through our misadventures. It would certainly give us a fantastic ‘How did y’all meet story!”


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