I want my fuzzy socks and I want them now! Please??

I have several hopefully interesting blog posts brewing as we speak but try as I may, none are ready yet. I’ve revisited them several times the last few days and although I haven’t gotten to that point where I’ve tweaked them beyond perfecting into… Uh, yes I did cut my own bangs, I know I know, I kept trying to fix them….. neither have I actually completed them.

Every have days like that? Where things aren’t going badly but they aren’t exactly going right either? Like being full of energy on a rainy day. Rainy days are perfect for fuzzy socks and a good book. And binge watching Person of Interest. And naps. Naps are awesome.

Energetic mood on a rainy day just isn’t right.

These things come readily to mind for me because today is a rainy day.  Icky rainy. Icky rainy like don’t ask me to get off the sofa because I can do all of those things I mentioned above from right here. 

Except for that lousy guilt-voice that keeps nagging me about unfinished blog posts and last nights Bible study dishes still in the sink. And then there’s the fact that Kiddo needs picked up from school and oh yea, we have drama rehearsal tonight. In the icky rain. yay.

And then there’s the energetic mood that is warring with the not so energetic body. I’ll tell ya, those rare days when ambition and physical energy get off the train at the same time around here are down right spectacular.

Today is not one of those days. Neither was yesterday and frankly, I don’t have high hopes for tomorrow, either.

Instead, today is a not right, rainy day where fuzzy socks and perfectly tweaked blog posts have been replaced with necessary things and last minute online ramblings to shut the naggy guilt-voice up.

Ah, the life of a wife-mom-sometimes blogger and that ever-present struggle for the elusive moment when every single thing is done and done right and the Hubby AND the kids are showering appreciation and gratitude in spades.

A moment of silence please… I can almost hear the heavenly choir singing just thinking about it.

aaaannnd our moment is interrupted by…..get ready for it…..What’s for dinner, Mom?

So…. how’s your today going? 😛


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