More Morning Madness

IMG_1355I always have this running list of things to do going through my mind and I don’t think I am alone in this. I hear it’s a side effect of being female; being a wife; being a Mom.

Occasionally,  I get so frustrated with having the same things cycle through my brain list undone that I remove it from the near constant internal ticker tape and write it on the white board in the kitchen. Because once it’s out there for everyone to see, I’ll get it done. Right?

That’s the theory anyway.

We won’t go into how many times I’ve just erased an item from the board undone, either to put back on the internal ticker tape for a later moment of near superhuman energy spurt or mentally dismiss it all together and chalk it up to, Well It was a nice thought anyway. 

The most annoying of the re-occurring To-do’s at the moment is my desire to dig out some and/or burn some CD’s to put in the car for Kiddo and I to jam to on the way to school in the morning.

Yes, I said burn a CD. My twelve year old, daily mode of transportation doesn’t sport Bluetooth or Auxiliary plug-in. But I’m OK with that because it’s reliable and most importantly, it’s paid for.

Kiddo loves music in the car on the way to school. As soon as we head out, it’s first, spend a few minutes praying for his school day and then it’s, “Turn the radio up, Mom?”

Most of our local stations boast, “Non-stop music for the work day starting at 9 a.m.” Which does me no good at 8.  So every morning we scan the stations hoping for a decent tune to crank the volume up.

There are way too many people saying a whole lot of nothing on the radio in the mornings.

This morning we went through the dial twice and he finally says, “The Spanish songs?” which means go back to the Hispanic station because at least they’re playing music and we’re almost at school, Mom. And I’m not talking Enrique Iglesias either.

Did I mention this is all happening Pre-Coffee??

Today is the day I finally got frustrated enough with saying, I really need to get a CD for the car and actually did it. 14 upbeat, high energy songs burned to disc and ready to go.

Because everyone needs to experience the sight of a pre-coffee,  middle-aged mom with bed-head jamming out to Meghan Trainor at 7:45 in the morning. 

Kiddo will be thrilled.

Surely his teachers will appreciate how hyper he is first thing in the morning.


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