Dream Big in Little Bites

We had our weekly ASL group meeting today. It’s so much fun! I must say, it has quickly become my absolute favorite thing I do each week. Not just because it’s great people, great laughs, and it gets me out of the house but because I am actually using a language I’ve always wanted to learn with people who are native ‘speakers’. I love ASL. It’s such a diverse, growing, contextual language that has deep roots.

I enjoy learning conceptual things, digging into the WHY of a a sign, and understanding how to  convey adjectives and emotion with facial expression. Who knew a raised eyebrow could mean so. much.

Yes, I was a geek before geek was cool.

It’s going to be a long road to becoming a certified interpreter. Ten years I hear to be considered an expert. Wow.

I must say, I’m looking forward to starting the educational portion of that journey first of the year. Back to college again. Bachelors degree this time. Sure do hope all those Associates degree credits are still worth something!

I think I may need to start stockpiling coffee now.


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