Good morning Blog World.

One day I hope to look back on these earlier blogs and cringe at my beginnings.

Ugh. Did you really start out that way?  

To which I’ll reply, Yes, yes I did.

But one must start somewhere. Words must be typed, posts must be created. Personal faults must be overcome. It’s the way of things.

Personal faults?

Yup. In particular, the ridiculous belief that I must be great at something before sharing it with other humans.

Seriously? That’s a little unrealistic don’t you think?

Yes I do. Now. But it took a lot to get here. The knowledge is there now, that this really isn’t true. It really, really isn’t. But the hurdles must be jumped nonetheless.

Jump. Jump.

So, this is how we start. Fingers to keys. Words to screen. Post. Nothing much has been said and that’s OK. The internet is chock full of gibberish. What’s one more blog, right?

That is also part of beginning. One day, I’ll find the WHY of the blog. I’ll find it’s true purpose. The reason I can’t seem to get the need for it out of my head.

Until then, it will remain a beginning. A learning ground. A diversion. Another utterly pointless use of server space.

🙂 Hello Blog World.


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